Buying the Best Green Cars in 2011
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Buying the Best Green Cars in 2011

An in-depth insight on buying of the best green cars

The Global Climate Change today has become the centerpiece of all discussions in major environmental forums around the world. People have criticized the rates in which emissions have been transmitted into the atmosphere causing environmental degradation, pollution and the biggest of all worries, global warming. Scientists have spent countless hours and resources trying to figure out how to slow and eventually stop the speed at which damage to the environment occurs. Research has obsessively been focused on motor vehicles whose emissions through the burning of fuel have been a worrying trend in today’s world. This has led to calls for production of motor vehicles perceived as being environment friendly.

This enigmatic revolution by motor vehicle consumers has led to a green revolution the main aim being protecting the environment. As of this year, the major car producers in the world have shifted their concentration from producing just cars, and turned to eco-friendly cars branded by many a motorist, the green cars. This is because they are best suited for the environment and made to protect it rather than keep on deteriorating it. The question however has remained, who produces the best green cars?

In the year 2009, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the BMW 335d were voted as being among the cars topping the list of the best green cars. In a research conducted in the year 2010, the best green cars voted in no particular order were, the Toyota Prius, the Honda Civic Hybrid, and retaining a position among the best green cars was the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. Followed by a further research in the year 2011, top on the list was the Chevrolet Volt, which received the award of the best green Car of 2011. The list also included cars such as the Mazda 2 and the Nissan Leaf.

Today, the market is full of green cars and the headache to most motorists has been the question of which best green car to buy is. Even though the Toyota Prius has been one of the cheapest green cars in the market, it has been affected by a halt in its production after massive recall of the car due to problems with its accelerator pedals. However, this does not mean that consumers are denied of their choice since the number of green cars available in the market today is incredible. The Volkswagen Jetta TDI for example has been a constant member in the top green cars each year and one should consider it when making the decision on which car to buy.

Therefore, in order for one to know the best green car to buy, it is advisable that one has to understand what their needs are. It is also important to understand why you need the car, and last but not least, the cost of getting that car. It would be ironical where one would buy a fully electric car while they stay at a place without electricity This is also true for solar powered cars if someone stays in a snow prevalent area. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of inventions, so, it is necessary for one to understand their needs before settling to buy the best green car available in the market.


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